A Whisper From God Changed Everything

I left the coaching session with my coach with tears in my eyes. 🥹 I was overwhelmed by what we had uncovered and felt incredibly loved and seen by a gracious and loving God. He had just given me an unexpected gift.

My coach and I were exploring the possibility of me going back to school. I was trying to decide if I should, and if so, why. After all, who goes back to school just for the fun of it? You need a purpose, right?

It was during this coaching session that I remembered a dream I had before my daughters were born of getting a Ph.D. in accounting and teaching college. I ended up deciding I didn't want to go that route at that time and quickly forgot about the dream.

When the dream of getting a doctorate and teaching college came up during that coaching session, I was a little surprised. I'm a practical person, so I thought there had to be some reason God was bringing this up.

As we explored more, I clearly heard God whisper in my spirit, “This is just for you.” I didn't have to have a reason to do it. I didn't need to have a plan of what I would do with it. It was okay to just enjoy the journey and pursue learning for the joy of learning. 🥰

I was overwhelmed by God's gentle and loving reminder of the dream he placed in my heart 20 years ago.

And so, I took a step forward in faith and enrolled in a master's program for Instructional Design. I've since decided that this is not the field of study I want to pursue, but it led me to keep searching.

I realized that I love coaching and partnering with clients to help them realize their dreams. I'm excited that I found a doctoral program in coaching and mentoring which will allow me to continue diving deeper into the field of coaching!

Coaching helped me take the next step in faith and with confidence. I'd love to partner with you as you begin to dream about your next steps!

If you are within two to three years of finishing your homeschool journey, it's time to begin thinking about what's next for you. What are your dreams for the future? What will the transition to life after homeschooling involve?

The Next Steps Coaching Program and Front Porch Coaching Community can help you (re)discover your dream and support you as you take the next step. Together, we can help you thrive in the next season of life.

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