It’s Okay To Take Care Of Your Needs

I've never really enjoyed watching a movie at the theatre. It's always been too loud. I cringe when the previews start and sigh with relief when we leave the theatre. Some movies aren't bad, but anything with action is almost unbearable. The sound level hurts my ears.

I've always had sensitive hearing. I remember my mom walking into my room when I was in high school and asking if I had music playing. She could hear a faint noise but couldn't tell what it was. I liked studying with background music, but it had to be very, very low.

There are many experiences my children did not have with me, and some they still haven't had. If there were a lot of people or loud noises, we had to really want to go for it to happen. And I usually found ways to make it more manageable. We went to Disney in the off-season. We attended concerts with earplugs. You get the picture.

I was excited when I discovered attenuation filters. They are like earplugs but don't block out as much sound. You can still hear the conversation; it's just a little muted.

I wear them frequently at church, family gatherings, and movie theatres. I wear them anywhere the noise level is above what is comfortable for my ears. When I wear the filters, I am less likely to experience sensory overload, I'm not as anxious, my ears don't hurt, and I can enjoy the event more.

It's okay to take care of your needs. It may look different from anyone else around, and that's okay. God made you unique, and sometimes that means you need to give yourself permission to enjoy His wonderful creation differently.

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