The hike down the mountain was scary.

We went hiking in Colorado. It was my first time hiking since I started seeing depth. (Before I started vision therapy, I had absolutely no depth perception. My brain only used one eye at a time. I now have a little depth perception.)

I especially notice the increased depth perception when walking up and down stairs. Ya'll, there's space between the stairs! It's a cool sight! I had the same thoughts as we were hiking up the mountain. Everything looked different this time because of the depth perception.

And then we started descending. It wasn't so cool looking; it was scary. As I looked down at the “rock stairs,” I felt my heart rate increase. My eyes still don't work together perfectly, so sometimes what I see is not stable. The rocks appeared to move a little. I was thankful I had hiking poles. I took a deep breath, moved my hiking poles forward, and stepped down.

As we descended, I was reminded of how many aspects of life feel like that hiking trip. Sometimes, the way forward is not clear or in focus. We have to take a deep breath and courageously step forward in faith. It's okay if it's tentative. It's okay if it's small. It's okay if we're afraid. We can still take the next step.

I am learning to embrace all the feelings as I take the next step forward. One of my phrases for the year is, “And…GO!” It's a reminder to acknowledge the fear and excitement so I can let go of what's holding me back and take the next step.

What is holding you back from taking your next step?

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