Hi! I’m Crystal Wagner.

When my daughter was born, I left my career to stay home and care for her. It was difficult to let go of one identity and embrace another, but I came to love my new identity of “Mom.”

When we started homeschooling six years later, I assumed another identity of “homeschool mom.” This wasn’t as big of a transition as when I left my career, but I had to make adjustments with this one, too.

I am now facing another transition as we approach the end of our homeschool journey. This is a time of rediscovering my passions, interests, and strengths. I am remembering old dreams and discovering new ones.

Just like other transitions in my life, this one has its own unique set of challenges—embracing a variety of emotions, learning to parent an adult, dealing with hormonal changes (again), and finding a new community. I’m approaching it one step at a time, and you can too!

My mission is to help homeschool parents discover and embrace their next calling after their homeschool journey is complete.

Fun Facts About Crystal

  • I love to read and learn! (Learner is my top CliftonStrength. 😉📚)
  • We have a sweet, loveable Goldendoodle named Clifford. 🐶
  • I love public speaking (and always have)! 🎤
  • I am slowly gaining depth perception through vision therapy to correct strabismus (my brain does not always use both eyes together). 👓
  • We love to travel, camp in our travel trailer, and be outside. 🏕️
  • We have visited 48 states plus two countries (Canada and Australia). 🌎
  • I have lived in three different states and seven cities. 🗺️

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
attributed to C.S. Lewis

Certifications And Experiences

  • Pursuing Associate Certified Coach credential from the International Coaching Federation (anticipated fall 2024)
  • Certified Professional Life and Leadership Coach through Professional Christian Coaching Institute (2024)
  • Strengths Champion Certified Coach® through Brent O’Bannon Strength Champion Solutions (2023)
  • Certified Professional Coach through Life Break Through Academy (2001)
  • Speaker since 2013
  • Small business owner since 2012
  • Home educator since 2009
  • Master of Accountancy (2000)
  • Certified Public Accountant (inactive)