Share a Success Story

Share a Success Story

I know your time is valuable, so I really appreciate you taking a few moments out of your busy day to share a success story!

My business is referral-based, so your honest feedback helps other homeschool parents decide if I'm the right coach to help them. (Learn more about my referral program to earn free coaching sessions!)

There are two ways you can share your story.

  1. Written – You can type your answers to the prompts below or compose your own.
  2. Video – You can use your phone to record a 1-2 minute video using the prompts below as a guide for what to say and upload it to Dropbox.

I'd appreciate it if you would also provide an image that I can use (a headshot would be the best), but it's okay if you don't want to.

By submitting a success story, you agree that I have permission to use and share it in various marketing ways, including but not limited to podcasts, videos, emails, image graphics, and social media.

Thank you!